Venus Trap

Artemis is a ruthless predator. 
Raphael is a determined vampire.
If she kills him before he traps her, Earth will be destroyed!

For centuries the humans have told stories, glorifying immortals to satisfy their fantasies. With each word spoken they unknowingly summoned beings that they couldn’t banish. Now behind the veil, a war is brewing that can destroy them all. The Dark Fae will destroy Earth and Artemis is their weapon. The Wild Hunt is coming and the only obstacle standing in their way, are the vampires. Raphael is ready to stop Artemis at all costs so that he can protect Earth. Nothing could’ve prepared him for meeting her face to face. Will it be too late to stop the inevitable doom, or will love prove that it is the greatest power of all?

The Cursed Kingdom

The world knew him as Alexander the Great. 
Bela knew him as the man who stole her heart. 

Bela was never meant to rule. Bound to a city she calls home, she’s cursed by a goddess to live an empty existence. Looking to escape the inevitable doom that will fall upon the city, she meets the foreigner that will change it all. His presence will tear her loyalties apart. Now she only has one choice left. Betray her blood or her heart. 

Protected by the sun god himself, nothing can stand in Alexander’s way. Until that night when she stumbles into his life. Now, standing at the gates of Babylon, he will face the greatest challenge of his life. Achieve what he was born to be or follow his heart and lose it all.

Semiramis The Vessel (Semiramis series Book 3)

Fully empowered, at peace with her damnation, and with the mightiest of the fallen angels at her side, Alexia sets out on her final quest. She’ll head further into the darkness than ever before, and face foes which make all her previous adversaries pale in comparison, as well as a colorful cast of fantasy characters, many of whom straddle the realms of good and evil, and who have their eyes on the same prize the water elemental is fighting for. Can her wit, her powers, and the overbearing assistance of her wyrd sisters see her achieve the tablets of destiny… or will she fall at the final hurdle, away from the dark wings of Lucifer – her teacher, her mentor, and maybe much more besides?

Semiramis Reborn (Semiramis series Book 2) 

Having lost so much, and having suffered to a breaking point, Alexia sets out to unravel the mystery of her existence and to take vengeance on those who have taken from her. Along the way, she must battle against the forces of darkness to save the fates of her newly-discovered sisters, as well as to secure the safety of her immortal soul. Pulled this way and that, and unsure of who can be trusted, she must rely on her wit and her own powers to make it through the depths, and back towards the light.

In a world where nobody can be trusted, and in which one’s own power and destiny is constantly tested in a challenge after challenge, adversity after adversity, Alexia has to take decisions which have the potential to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build. Her path is a twisting, mysterious, and unreliable one, and the mythological creatures, monsters, and teachers she meets all have their own agendas, each of which continually threatens to bubble to the surface. Tutored by Lucifer – first of the fallen – and dealing with unexpected emotions in his presence, can she find the peace and the answers she so desperately seeks?

Semiramis Awakened (Semiramis series Book 1)

Alexia is a woman with more than a handful of skeletons in her closet. With a difficult boss, neighbors from hell, and a sense that she’s somehow different, her everyday life does little but grind her down. However, she’s soon to discover that her troubles are only just beginning, and she’ll have to draw upon sources of power and magic she never dreamed she possessed, in order to ensure her survival and discover her true purpose.