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Semiramis Reborn (Semiramis series Book 2)

By on February 25, 2019

In a world where nobody can be trusted, and in which one’s own power and destiny is constantly tested in a challenge after challenge, adversity after adversity, Alexia has to take decisions which have the potential to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build. Her path is…

Author Maya Daniels
Los Angeles, California

Multi award-winning fiction author, Maya Daniels shares her skillful and creative storytelling with readers from around the world. Semiramis is her first published trilogy. Marrying her investigative journalism skills with her knowledge and passion of the esoteric, she spins compelling stories of magic, truth, romance, and adventure. She lives with her magick sprinkled familiar, a cat named Odyssey, in Southern California. When not reading all about the arcane, eating chocolate, or writing her next novel, she is busy with her Reiki healing practice.

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